My name is Bubbles and I traveled from Lake Tahoe Nevada to Pennsylvania to meet my new parents. My arrival at the Baltimore Airport was very exciting after spending nearly 12 hours waiting to meet my new family. They were so excited to see me and well prepared for my arrival. I was placed in …

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Jo Ritzenthaler

I can’t believe I’ve been training with Valli for almost a decade. I just wanted to do puppy classes and then move on to beginner agility and obedience. It just mushroomed from there and kept right on going. When I did start competing in agility I just thought it would be nice to get a …

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Lynne Gale

Agility with Chihuahuas!? Rally/Obedience with Chihuahuas!? Nosework with Chihuahuas!?  Sure, if you are doing your training at Paws-tively Obedient Dog Training School with Valli Rovenolt and her wonderful teachers!

Michella McLaren

At the Paws-itively Obedient Dog Training School, I absolutely love 
taking classes there with my dog, Lassie. The classes at this school 
are wonderful and informative. When I came to this school a few years 
ago, I was in need of assistance in learning about dog training.

Sue Churn

On November 2003, I brought home a 9-week old red and white Cocker Spaniel puppy that I named “Angel”. She was going to be my obedience dog. I started puppy classes right away. She was eager to learn but started to develop some behavioral problems. Where I was training at the time, they didn’t have …

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