What We Do

Paws-itively Obedient Dog Training School

Paws-itively Obedient Dog Training School welcomes puppies, dogs and owners of all ages. Instruction is based on positive reinforcement training techniques that shape behavior effectively and permanently. Paws-itively Obedient’s highly skilled and experienced instructors will teach owners to resolve problem behaviors through understanding their dogs’ needs and language. Dogs and puppies will gain confidence as they learn to earn privileges and rewards by offering correct behaviors.

Our Training Classes

Inside Training Building

Due to a Family emergency, we will be only offering Puppy Kindergarden and K9 Nose work classes for the next few weeks. Please check back if you are interested in our other classes.

Little Girl with puppies
Little Girl with puppies

Puppy Kindergarden

Between the ages of 2 and 6 months there is an opportunity to greatly influence a puppy’s future behavior and social interaction. During this time, puppies need positive exposure to all things they are likely to encounter as adults. Puppy kindergarten is a perfect setting for puppies to learn proper socialization and appropriate behavior while they are most impressionable.

K9 Nose Work®

Looking for a great activity for your dog that requires no previous training skills? Is your dog shy or lacking in confidence? How about over the top with energy? Maybe your special senior or disabled dog needs something to revitalize their (his, her) life? K9 Nose Work® class provides you and your dog an opportunity to fulfill these needs.