K9 Nose Work®

Looking for a great activity for your dog that requires no previous training skills?  Is your dog shy or lacking in confidence?  How about over the top with energy?  Maybe your special senior or disabled dog needs something to revitalize their (his, her) life?

K9 Nose Work® class provides you and your dog an opportunity to fulfill these needs.  Your dog already has a very talented nose.  Dogs will get to use their amazing scenting abilities in a game of searching for specific odors and then communicate to you when they have found it.  For more information on canine nose work, visit: www.nacsw.net and www.k9nosework.com

  • Every dog has the natural abilities to be successful
  • Class environment is a safe place for a shy or fearful dog to gain or build confidence
  • Provides an outlet both physically and mentally for high energy dogs
  • Each dog can learn at their own pace
  • Dogs of all ages from puppy to senior, including retired performance dogs and the disabled, will love this game
  • Learn to understand how your dog is communicating to you, how he sees the world
  • Enjoy a journey that can be as simple as a regular play activity or a challenging experience of training for competition in K9 Nose Work® Trails

Price for 6 week course: $145.00